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Medex Tehran International exhibition


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Medex Tehran International exhibition

	As a large Islamic country in the Middle East and the world, Iran has a great influence on the international market due to its special geographical location and abundant oil and gas resources. National land
With a total area of 1.645 million square kilometers, it is a country between the plateau and the mountains. Its geographical north is the Caspian Sea, the east is connected to Central Asia, the west is Europe, and the South Bay is known as Europe.
The Yalu Bridge and the Eastern Air Corridor are also the hubs of the “North-South Transportation Corridor”, which constitute the center of the East, West, and North Crosses of Eurasia. According to the Iranian State.
The Statistics Center released data. By the end of 2010, Iran had a population of 74.733 million, of which Tehran had a population of about 14 million. Iranian furniture accessories and
Woodworking Machinery Exhibition, approved by the Iran Trade Promotion Organization, Iran Furniture Association and Turkey Middle East
The exhibition company is held. It has been successfully held for 12 sessions so far, and the total area of the Medex exhibition last year reached 14,000 m2. From Germany, Austria, Italy
520 companies from 23 countries including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Malaysia, France and the United Arab Emirates participated in the event, receiving nearly 420,000 exhibitors.